Home Staging: We work with realtors and homeowners to improve marketability of listed homes by using existing home furnishings and accessories.

Home Redesign: We meet with home owners to give them a new and fresh perspective on their home with color, composition and design.  We work with home owners existing furniture and decor or purchase items as needed. 




Step One: We meet with the realtor and homeowner at the property to do a walk through, look at the scope of the project, take photos, and discuss a preliminary action plan.  Then we following up with a detailed report with photos for home owner to accomplish.

This "to do" list is usually done by the home owner; however, we are available to do the work for an additional fee, $100 per hour.

Step Two: Tackling the "to do" list, either done by the home owner or myself.  This usually consists of, but not limited to the following: de-cluttering specific areas, depersonalizing where needed, painting if needed, moving unwanted furniture out of house,  taking down wall art, removing unneeded decor.

Step Three: After all items have been accomplished on the "to-do" list, we come into the house and fine tune the decor, which consists of moving furniture around to desirable positions, decorate with home owners accessories, and take final photos.   


Step One: We will meet with the home owner at the property to do a walk through, look at the scope of the project, take photos, and discuss the desired style, goals and budget of the redesign.  We'll discuss what will go and what will stay.  A list will be made of what is needed.

Step Two: This is where we do whatever it takes to accomplish the goals.  This usually consists of, but not limited to the following: moving furniture, painting, renovation of surfaces, shopping for decor and/or furniture. We will recommend painters, movers for heavy items, and contractors if needed.  Any services that require work in those areas will be an additional charge set by that professional.

Step Three:  We will fine tune by decorating, rearranging furniture, hanging wall art, and taking photos. 


Home Staging: A flat fee of $300 with the exception of step two. 

Home Redesign: Pricing is based on scope of project and budget.

Consultation Only: $150


We do not rent furniture and home decor accessories. We typically work with what the homeowner already has, or we arrange to purchase what is needed within the homeowners budget.


Carrie Carlisle's Bio: 

Carrie's passion for interior design started long ago when she was a child.  Moving her family's furniture and decor around was a regular routine in the Carlisle household.  It was no surprise to her family when Carrie decided to study art in college, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Pacific NW College of Art.  After college, came her first home..... staging and flipping houses was a natural progression. Soon family and friends wanted Carrie to stage their homes.  Carrie has been in the field of home design and staging for over 20 years.  Her passion for blending art into interiors has proven to be a successful combination.  Whether you are a Realtor looking for a stager, or a homeowner looking for a redesign/decorator, Carrie can help you achieve your goals.